All types of hooking up are fun especially if you’re getting the pleasure you’re seeking for, but something about being intoxicated makes it a little more satisfying. Whether you’re out and about having the time of your life and go home with the hottie you’ve been chatting up all night or have a little mixer at your place, it’s always a party when there are drinks involved.

Being able to loosen up and relax before getting all psyched up about a random hookup is exactly what you need to stay at the moment and not overthink and over analyze the entire situation. You should take a hook up for what it’s worth and let your hair down all the way, and sometimes some tasty drinks and shots do the trick.

1. Everyone’s Better Looking:

They aren’t called drunk goggles for nothing because not only do you look better in the mirror but so does your hook up. Being sexually and physically attracted to your hook up only adds to the satisfaction and desire that leads up to the finale.

Also, you start feeling yourself a little more even if your vision is a little blurry, but you’re not staring at every imperfection and flaw you see in yourself. You finally feel comfortable in your skin and are secure enough to look at potential lovers with a less judgmental perspective.

2. Everyone’s More Confident:

Once you have the right amount of drinks in you, that’s when you’re ready to dance the night away right before full on making out with your soon to be fuck buddy for the night. Putting your responsibilities and rationality on the back burner for the evening isn’t always the worst thing to do when you need to blow off steam and have the best night possible.

Alcohol gives people liquid courage, and sometimes that’s what someone needs to muster up enough confidence to finally hit on the person they’ve been drooling over the past couple months. Don’t use alcohol as an excuse to talk to them but use it to your advantage if you’re feeling a little brave to make the first move that you would have never done sober.

3. No Fucks Are Given:

You’re not entirely sure if this is in your comfort zone, but you’re willing to try it out. A new position? Why the hell not? You have nothing to lose, and you realize that you’re allowed to react on impulses and hormones, so there’s no harm in going big and having a night to remember, or not.

You’re much more likely to not care about what you look like in specific positions or moaning too loud because the alcohol takes over and you continue to be your obnoxious, drunk self regardless of the circumstance.

In no way am I promoting strictly intoxicated hookups but I don’t see anything wrong with blowing off some steam with some alcohol and then working out with a possible sex partner while you are indeed drunk. Let your freak flag fly.

Check out the video below for more about this!