It’s hard not to write guys off the second you think he might be too good to be true. I know it’s hard to be impressed or actually believe someone when they seem to be a decent human being since the term fuckboy has come out. Trust me, even though it’s like finding a needle in a haystack it is possible, especially if they show these qualities.

1. Follows Thru:

If he makes plans with you at a specific date and time and follows through, then chances are he has some wits about him. There’s nothing like a scatterbrain or a fuck boy that confuses his various dates or commits to seeing multiple people at once to have to bail on a date.

Especially if it was a last minute plan and he makes sure he is there and ready for whatever trouble you guys are getting into, then you know he’s making an effort, unlike the fuck boys that think they’re heaven sent.

2. Plans Day Dates:

We have all received the “ u up?” texts around 1:30 am that makes us questions our self-worth. There are such things as being seen and hanging out in daylight, not just when it’s dark, and he is lonely, horny and drunk.

Obviously it’s easy to be flattered by such late night texts, but in reality, he had a copy and pasted the same message to all of the girls in his contact to see who is drunk enough to fall for his lies.

If you’re the guy is putting in the effort during all times of the day then make sure you do take him up on his day date to get to know him and then know him physically by the night date.

3. Texts You During The Day:

There are so many other things to text about then when you’re going to meet up ten minutes after making the late night regrettable plans. It says something if he is willing to send you a “good morning” or “ have a great day” text to show that he is actually thinking of you and not just your lady parts.

Making an effort in this little way differentiates a fuck boy from a decent one before even the slimiest fuckboy wouldn’t even consider text a girl before 11:00 pm, three bottles, and two joints into the night.

4. Has Normal Friends:

All of his buddies are existent and with an overall good reputation. He doesn’t only have frat buddies or guys that are known for getting around and breaking girls hearts with no intention of fixing them.

5. Adults:

He can actually hold a steady job and pays the majority of his bills without swiping his parent’s credit cards. Not only is that impressive but he might actually be spending his own money on you when he takes you out or buys you something.

There’s a different level of maturity to men that work hard for their money and personal items that will make him treasure you like he does the things he has to work hard for.  And if you’re looking for someone new to fuck, then you can always head over to instafuck the #1 place to meet your new fuckbuddy.